Cross - Cutting Themes

This session will seek to address multi-disciplinary issues that are difficult to address within a single thematic area as outlined in all the other sessions. For instance, formulation of evidence based natural resource management policies, geo-information applications/technology best practices (data capture and sharing, emerging technologies/applications etc), and capacity building are issues that cut across various thematic areas.


Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts which address the following topics:


(a) Natural Resource Management

  • Pollution and Environmental Degradation
  • Waste Management
  • People/society
  • Human health

(b) Geo-information Applications/Technology, User Engagement,  Capacity Building, Communications and Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Mobile mapping innovations
  • Geospatial databases and spatio-temporal data management
  • On-line spatial data mining 
  • Geo-sensor data acquisition, processing, management and analysis
  • Advanced GIS visualization techniques for Web and mobile applications
  • 3D modelling of cityscapes for location-based services and subsurface modelling.
  • Volunteered Geographic Information and crowd sourcing